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Who are we? Our Story: Captivated by Bamti-Bhandar’s beauty, German native Walter Limberg who was on an Everest trek back in the 1980’s, spent most of his time travelling throughout the region. He studied the region’s various demographics, ethnicities, culture, literacy rate and way of life. He also assisted in making a detailed map of the area. Limberg deduced that the community was underdeveloped mainly due to a lack of economic activity along with access to education. In the beginning, he raised funds from his homeland where his friends and family also contributed. Later, he raised enough capital to build almost 30 government schools in various areas including places where previously no schools existed. This was followed by provision of other needs, such as medicines for health posts, drinking water and technology. Limberg registered the project with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal in 2006 to give it a legal position, which resulted in the establishment of FRADS. It is now funded by the Childaid Network. Vision: To establish an educated and equitable community in Nepal. Mission: Quality education, skillful youth and standard health services for the community in Ramechhap.

Helping hands can make a lot of difference in someone’s life. Let’s work together to help people living in rural places. 



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